Python Computer Vision Framework

PyCVF until version 0.2 has been produced by the JFLI . It is globally designed by Bertand Nouvel .



06/11/2010 PyCVF 0.2 is released.

After many announces, PyCVF 0.2 is finally out ! And the website is finally updated ready ! PyCVF is now modular. It means that the PyCVF is the glue in-between lego-bricks. The direct consequence of this is that its installation has hopefully became much easier. Please have a look at the installation instruction.


Please check at the installation instruction. The PyCVF core may be found on sourceforce : Downloads

If you want to be aware of next releases of PyCVF, please join the following group : pycvf-announcements




Additional Packages

For the list of official additional package on LaunchPad: Among the official packages we may cite :

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