Django_pycvf is a package of PyCVF that aims at building a web frontend to the toolkit that allow users that don’t want to learn about the insights of PyCVF to easily use PyCVF.

Installing Django_pycvf

You need first to install the package for django_pycvf

pycvf-admin instpack

Then you must go to the directory of the package. In order to create the initial database and create one superuser with a password

python syncdb

Note that is is mandatory to create a superuser account, and that you shall use this account later for login.

Running Django_pycvf

In order to run it, you must first install PyCVF. It is then advised that you run a batch server on the local computer or on remote host


Then to run the website as development server, you just have to run the development server of django on the 8000

cd django_pycvf
python runserver

If you have already a server running on Port 8000 may specify and alternate port number by doing

cd django_pycvf
python runserver 8000

You may then login on computer by using the url

firefox http://localhost:8000/

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